My favorite painters were, and still are, the Pre-Raphaelites. William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sir John Edward Millais, Lord Leighton, Evelyn de Morgan and John William Waterhouse, to name a few. I still use them for reference and look to their works for guidance and inspiration. Technique to die for, and always a message. I am also inspired by my old fairy tale books, especially those illustrated by Adrienne Segur, and currently, the newer updated fairy tale books illustrated by Laurel Long.

Duirwaigh Gallery

Duirwaigh Gallery has the most amazing fantasy art collection I’ve seen. They have the best selection of original, magical art anywhere. I constantly check out their site to look at the newest fantasy art.

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden inspired me to start experimenting with glazes. I was also inspired to paint whatever I want no matter how strange it might seem. In the ‘strange” category he will always have me beat. I am continually inspired by his use of color and sense of mockery.

Kinuko Y. Craft

I’ve always loved fairy tales, and no one illustrates them like Kinuko Craft. I learned how to paint pearls and other jewels by studying her books.

Russell Patterson

Russell Patterson, my maternal grandfather: “Father of the Flapper”, illustrator, costume stag an interior designer, architect, cartoonist, co-founder of the National Cartoonist Society, puppeteer, artist, fashion maverick and judge of all the first “Miss America” contests.  Check out his Wikipedia page.  I ask him for help when I try doing perspective.